SleepWell Research Symposium: Sleep, Brain and Mind 5.11.2020 (englanniksi, virtuaalisesti)

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Please save the date and the webinar link for the first SleepWell Research Symposium: Sleep, Brain and Mind! 

Top experts from the Netherlands, the UK and the USA share their experiences of sleep, its basic mechanisms and effects on human and other organism health.

Date: Thursday November 5th, 2020 15:00-19:00

The Sleep, Brain and Mind Symposium will be held as a webinar.


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Opening of the symposium, Professor Tiina Paunio

15.10-15.50  Professor Eus van Someren, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience:
Towards understanding mechanisms of insomnia  

15.50-16.30  Professor Larry D Sanford, Eastern Virginia Medical School:
Fear conditioning, neuroimmune responses and sleep: Role of amygdala in mediating a complex relationship  

16.30-17.10  Professor Colin Espie, University of Oxford:
How and why to treat insomnia?  

17.10-17.20 Break  

17.20-18:00  Professor Sara Aton, University of Michigan:
How sleep loss disrupts hippocampal memory mechanisms   

18:00-18:40  Professor Ruth Benca, University of California:
Sleep, ageing and dementia


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